Ancient Forest Destruction

A football field of ancient forest is destroyed every 2 seconds every 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Much of this forest is turned into woodchips for cheap paper products including toilet paper. The rest is used in construction and sometimes only for a day.

This photo shows once ancient forest in Tasmania which was clearfelled by the logging giant Gunns. This tree, too big to move was left.

The blue line signifies trees to be logged. In California these giant Redwoods up to 2000 years old are still being cut down by Pacific Lumber Co. Only 3% of these ancient giants remain. Note the person in the picture which shows the size of the tree.

It is for the public to question where their wood and paper products come from and end the destruction of the last of the ancient forests. Whilst there is a market these forests will continue to fall.

Ensure you use only FSC marked wood which has come from sustainably harvested forests and commit to using recycled paper.

Say 'NO' to paper cups, plates and napkins and join an organisation who is working to protect the last of the planets ancient forests.

Stand up and make a difference and dont let homes and families be destroyed.

Ancient Forest Destruction.

A great short film ....

For a copy of The Styx Valley of the Giants contact

This 30 minute documentary covers the destruction of Tasmanias ancient forests.

For a full insight into the destruction of Californias 2000 year old giant Redwoods see the 120 minute documentary Treesit. For further details go to

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