"Your positive voice for the environment is so refreshing. Hearing your words is like breathing in the fresh cool air of an old growth red wood forest"
Diane Kellett 
Nicola has been a speaker internationally for many years. She speaks at schools about the Amazon and climate change, colleges and universities on Sustainability, Design and Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility.

From Glastonbury Festival to Cambridge University, Boom Portugal and Earthdance USA to various Transition Towns and Rotary Clubs Nicola is adaptable whether speaking to an audience of children or elders.

"May I say how deeply impressed I was by your talk" Marion McCartney

The talks available are:

Adventures down the Amazon

Nicola speaks at schools about her work in the Amazon giving children the rare opportunity to question someone directly about what is under the canopy. She also speaks on the threats and solutions she has been working on.

Some quotes from year 3;

"The Amazon music really made it seem like you were in the jungle"

"It was really amazing to see the real life things that people actually use in the Amazon - that was awesome"

The children (and staff) found the slideshow and talk very interesting; it enhanced and brought to life the year 3 Amazon jungle topic work.

St Nicolas and St Mary Primary School, Shoreham-by-Sea

Practical Solutions around the World 

This inspiring talk looks at the work Nicola has been putting into place and covers Mycoremediation - the use of mushrooms to clean up oil spills, construction of rainwater filtration systems for the indigenous people currently drinking contaminated water , transforming plastic rubbish by building with eco-bricks (plastic bottles filled with rubbish) and teaching locals in the Amazon about Agroforestry, to prevent the slash and burn of the rainforest. 

Asides from her on the ground practical work Nicola also looks at the big picture giving example from Biomimicry and Closed loop systems, showing how nature has many of the solutions already worked out.

The final part of the talk looks at what each one of us can do and gives practical ways and guidance to show how we can all make the world a better place.

"Its rare to be so turned on by a talk and find so much new information in such a short time. Very cool and inspiring!"
Daniel Hurring- Events Organiser

 "We were delighted to have Nicola address the whole school and talk in detail about her inspiring work and ethos. Through the variety and depth of her experience and with her compelling delivery, she showed our students that they can use their passion and imagination to make a real difference. She got us thinking aboutour impact on the world and we can find solutions through positive change."
Alastair Harden, Bedales School


How Can One Person Make a Differenc

As many people feel there is very little one person can do Nicola speaks about the simple and easy everyday activities that we can all do to make the world a better place. She discusses ethical consumerism and the power of your purchase and how to look and see what is each persons part of the jigsaw and bigger picture.

"I was at your talk on Monday and thought you were just amazing. I had gone along expecting something about a journey up the Amazon but sat up with interest as soon as you began. I was staggered by how much one small person can achieve!" Alison Ridley

Design and Technology

How can we look to a future which values both technology and the environment. Can we find sustainable ways of designing the products of the future?.

"Year Thirteen Product Design students were fortunate enough to spend some time in the company of Nicola Peel, a leading environmentalist and authority on sustainable initiatives.

The discussions Nicola initiated enabled a far more thought provoking, relevant and exciting take on the whole subject of environmental responsibility than we had bargained for! Her stories and first hand examples of projects throughout the world and the concept of ‘radical self responsibility’ in an everyday context, challenged the group of potential product designers to really think about the world we live in and design for"

Niel Doig. Faculty head of Technology, Sidcot School

Blood of the Amazon with Q & A 

This full length documentary covers Nicola's story as she travelled down the Amazon researching the effects of the oil industry on the environment and indigenous people who live there.

This is a film which gives a voice to the people and hope to the planet.

80 minutes
- For more information see the tab Blood of the Amazon

"I want to thank you for the screening of your documentary. I must say that it was incredibly inspiring" Claudia Cortizo

A lot is said about climate change and peak oil and although it is vital we act locally it is also important to think globally and understand the humanitarian impact of oil.

Over the last 10 years Nicola has been initiating both environmental and humanitarian projects around the world, predominantly in the Amazon.

She particularly likes to speak about the practical solutions that she has  been putting in place and thus inspiring others to realise what a positive difference they can make in a global society.

For more info and videos see



" My encounter with Nicola and her work has changed my life. The work of the Eye of Gaia has always been a great source of inspiration."
Myriam Michalski


"I was immediately impressed by the level of dedication Nicola showed in creating solutions for both the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon and the surrounding environment. Her vast experience combined with her tremendous gift for quick problem solving allowed her to persevere through an array of difficulties presented by poverty and environmental concerns. The bottom line is that Nicola gets things done, with a graceful power that has earned her the respect of so many of her peers. She is the type of grassroots superhero, so often overlooked, yet ultimately one of the unwavering catalysts who make social change a reality in our world" Russell Mendell


"It was fantastic to hear you talking with such passion,strength and integrity and I am totally fascinated by the information you were sharing" Stuart




"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the positive vibes that you gave me, and for the inspiration of your work!"



"Your amazing!!!! I love you + what u do for our Grandmother Earth." Deya Dova





" I just wanted to let you know that your talk was extremely moving and inspiring. As someone who is also struggling through this world attempting to have the greatest positive impact and the smallest environmental impact listening to you speak is a sigh of relief - thank god someone is doing good work.
Again, thank you. Its great to meet someone you think 'wow, thats what i could do with my life!' Laura McCleod


"You really are an inspiration and quite a gutsy gal. I love how you walk your talk which is rare these days" Earl Vicente


For a list of public events where Nicola will be speaking see the Events tab in the side bar.

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