School Projects

There are heaps of fun projects you can do to learn about the environment and help make a positive difference.


Look at your local environment and see how it has changed over the years. Do you live near woods or a forest, a pond or a lake, the ocean or the desert? How has the environment been affected ? Find old photos or maps and see if rivers have been rerouted, woodland area cut down and other noticable changes.


Look at the native species that live in your area, ask your grandparents if they remember some creatures (animals, birds, insects etc) that are no longer around.
Why do you think these animals have disapeared? What can you do to help your local wildlife?

Build a pond or a nature reserve at school.
Clean up a local woodland.
Build bird boxes and other homes for your local wildlife.
Plant trees and shrubs that attract insects, butterflies and birds.


Create a masterpiece from nature. Using leaves, twigs, shells, beans and seeds (raid the kitchen cupboards and find some dried kidney beans, lentils, peas, oats etc) and see what beautiful art you can make.

Paint a picture reflecting your thoughts of this planet .

Recycling and Composting

Learn about why its good to recycle and compost. Does it really make a difference?

Use recycled paper and check that the school is to. Ensure everyone uses both sides of the paper and maybe you can even turn the old waste into new recycled paper.

Think about the waste created at school and see if you cut down on it and build a recycled masterpiece out of all the rubbish.

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