Blood of the Amazon is a full length documentary which covers one woman's story as she travelled from the headwaters in Ecuador to Brazil.

In a variety of boats she journeyed down the Amazon researching the effects of the oil industry on the environment and indigenous people who live there.

From the largest environmental lawsuit in history and the horrific contamination in the Amazon to a solution to the pollution they face and the Yasuni proposal to leave the oil in the ground.

Meet with the indigenous people themselves, oil company representatives, doctors and lawyers, missionaries and military, Amazon warriors and environmentalists.

This is a film which gives a voice to the people and hope to the planet.

80 minutes



Full film

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"A wonderful movie. A remarkable story in a remarkable and fragile place, one that is very near the center of the world." Bill McKibben, Author

"A beautiful documentary. I am going to DEMAND that this movie be presented by Life Changing Docos. It is an amazing inspiring piece of work. ..I love it I love it I love it." Claudia Cortizo

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your film and the messages it conveys! Adam, my 8 year old was mesmerised by it and said: "Now I understand Mummy, why we have to walk to school!" Thanks for that :)   The film is very inspirational and beautifully edited and your voice carries it very well! That it can hold the attention of an 8 year old for the whole duration is a testimony to your talent" D C Gallin

"Amazing film really inspiring, thankyou so much for your work." Hannah Clare Johnson"

"I watched the documentary last night and thought it was great. I am so glad that people like you are putting some time and effort into spreading the word." Andre Guzman


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